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The Parodos Cairn

In May 2020 I had the huge privilege of working with my musical hero, the genius that is Jo Quail, as part of a collaborative idea she concieved during lockdown. Not only was I lucky enough to contribute musically but I was given the unique opportunity to direct/produce the video to accompany it. Below is The Parodos Cairn in Jo's words with a link to the video and the download link on Jo's Bandcamp page.

The Parodos Cairn – Jo Quail

‘The Parodos Cairn’ is a composition comprised entirely of audio samples sent to me over the first few weeks of lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis.

Following my request on social media for audio contributions I received in total 167 samples from 124 individual contributors, living in 24 countries across five continents.

I have included every single contribution in creating and developing ‘The Parodos Cairn’. There is no extra audio added.

‘Parodos’ is a term for the pathway on to the stage or chorus for actors in ancient Greek theatre. We have together walked this creative path to our ‘stage’, and each individual stone you brought has shaped our cairn.

Jo Quail

The Parodos Cairn

The Parodos Cairn on Jo's Bandcamp

The Parodos Cairn on YouTube