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Vapour Trails

Vapour Trails is a piece of music I'm writing at the moment whilst in lockdown over the corona virus.

My full time job as a graphic designer and photographer puts me outdoors taking photographs and making videos. One thing I have noticed during lockdown is that there are no vapour trails in the sky due to the grounding of civilian aircraft. There is the odd military plane about but these are few and far between. Normally the sky has these trails drawn all over it. If there is no cloud cover they litter the sky like breaking cobwebs. At the moment the only thing in the sky are clouds, birds and the odd bit of interstella fallout, the way it was for millenia before the dawn of the 'Iron bird'. Vapour Trails is a reflection on the calm that reigns above the entropy down here.

Dorian Robinson April 2020.

Copyright Dorian Robinson 2020